The Gadget Show

Five asked Lumiere to create an ident for The Gadget Show. We worked with the creatives at FIVE to come up with a concept for how the Gadget show presenters could interact with something in the studio. Idea’s revolved around touch screens, holograms, robots etc until eventually deciding on a virtual 8bit contorting shape that react to gestures. The FIVE crew went off and filmed the presenters, and returned to us an edit containing the presenters footage and hand gestures on a green screen. Lumiere then set about recreating a set as a backdrop and then animating the 8bit gadget. We comped it all back together, adding a handheld feel to the gesture shots and this is the result.

Production: Lumiere Studios
Director: Russell Hayer & Geoff Parsons
Client: FIVE
Deliverables: 1 x 20" Animation Clip