We were commissioned to create a set of 8 idents and 8 endboards by the guys at KIX! – a TV channel aimed at boys aged 6-10. The idents were themed “Blob”, “Robot” and “Ninja” leading us to create fun, wacky worlds where the KIX! logo emerges from jelly, gets his “trousers” sliced by Ninja shurikens and grows robotic arms! 3D modelling and character animation was done in Softimage, Realflow simulation created our gloopy goo and 2D elements were animated in After Effects. Look out for these on air now.

Client: ChartShow TV
Production: Lumiere Studios
Creative Director: Gavin Lester
Art Director/Animator: Rosie Holtom
Animation: Kostas Strevlos and Steven White
Modelling and Fluids: Russell Traill
Lighting and Rendering: Duncan Burch
Producer: Claire Plaskow
Audio: Zelig Sound